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Strategic Plan

Goals of Our Strategic Plan

  • Expand membership among pharmacy technician educators

  • Promote awareness of the PTEC brand 

  • Foster organizational partnerships

  • Develop PTEC organizational leadership

  • Cultivate stakeholder resources

The Pharmacy Technician Educators Council was founded by, and for, pharmacy technician educators. We recognized that the changing healthcare system would place new demands on the pharmacy profession and, as a result, pharmacy technicians would need to be better trained to assume a new, more responsible, role. As pharmacy technician educators, we realize our profession will become increasingly important to the future of pharmacy practice.

Our members instruct and administer a variety of types of technician training programs, with a membership that includes pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, allied health educators, nurses, and consultants. This diversity is a strength of PTEC in that it gives members access to a network of practicing educators across the United States and Canada.


Sharing problems, ideas, and solutions with other educators was the cornerstone of the founding of PTEC and is still one of the most valuable benefits we offer our members.In addition, PTEC offers members the opportunity to express their opinions. and influence the future of pharmacy technician education. PTEC advocates rigorous education and training for pharmacy technicians and challenges all training programs to evolve into degree programs.


PTEC members have been consulted on, and actively involved with, Pharmacy Technician Program Accreditation, The Scope of Pharmacy Practice Project, and the National Voluntary Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.


If you are involved with educating and training pharmacy technicians, or would like to support the mission and goals of PTEC, the members of PTEC invite you to join us, and add your voice and commitment to our efforts.

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