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KbPort solutions can enhance your program!!

KbPort™ curriculum aligns with our various simulated technology, mirroring what learners will encounter in typical pharmaceutical settings, and enables both instructors and learners to collaborate on the important aspects of medication dispensation, hands-on skills, and more.

KbPort solutions include:

Recording & Debriefing

  • ETC™ V7™ options


  • Pharmacy Tech Lesson Plans Level One

  • Virtual Study™

Carts & Cabinets

  • Medication Cabinets

  • SimDispenseRx™

  • Telehealth Carts

  • SimCartRx™ Long Term Care

  • Isolation Carts

  • Accessories


  • SimEMR®

  • SimEMR® Telehealth

  • MedsManager™

  • Virtual MedsManager™

Contact Karen Davis for more information!

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