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  • What is PTEC?
    The Pharmacy Technician Educators Council (PTEC), a division of PTCB, is a volunteer organization with a mission that unites, supports, and empowers educators in the education and training of pharmacy technicians. PTEC formed in 1989 as a membership organization. In 2022, PTEC was integrated as a division of PTCB. Together, PTCB and PTEC assist the pharmacy profession in educating and training pharmacy technicians to adhere to best professional practices and promote the pharmacy technician's profession through professional activities.
  • How do I access my PTEC Account?
    1. If you originally logged in with an email address, you should always log in that way. If you originally logged in with google or facebook, you should always log in that way. 2. Use "forgot password" link to receive a link to the email associated with your account with instructions to reset your password. 3. If you still cannot access your account after resetting your password, Contact Us.
  • What kind of educational materials do instructors use?
    PTEC members share knowledge, curriculum, and information on our website about their successful programs. Many publishers also have textbook resources. You can also collaborate with other PTEC members to see what they are doing! Join our membership now!
  • Do I need a teaching certificate to teach a pharmacy technician program?
    Many schools adhere to strict accreditation guidelines established by the authorized regional and national accrediting bodies. In many cases, schools require more than three-years full-time work experience, a college degree, national certification and/or registration/licensure with your State Board of Pharmacy. It's best to contact the school in which you are interested to see what they require to join the faculty.
  • What is the Forum?
    The Forum is a members only benefit of joining PTEC where members can make posts sharing ideas for the classroom or pose questions to other members for discussion. The forum has two options: discussions and questions. To start a discussion click "Create New Post" > "Start a Discussion". Once you have published your discussion topic members can respond to your discussion prompt and/or reply to each other. To ask a question to your fellow members click "Create New Post" > "Ask a Question". Once you have published your question members can respond to your question and/or reply to each other.
  • How do I access the Forum?
    The forum is a members only page. Access is granted once you have registered for membership with PTEC. Both individual and corporate members have access to the forum. You must be logged in to your account to access the forum.
  • How do I receive notifications for the Forum?
    Notifications for the Forum are set up in the profile settings. Navigate to the settings page of your profile and be sure to have notifications turned on. To follow the Forum, which will allow you to receive notifications, navigate to the Forum page and click the 3 vertical dots, then click follow.
  • Do I need to claim a free membership if I already had a PTEC membership?
    Even though you may have been a member with the previous PTEC, PTEC is now a division of PTCB. As such, this requires members to claim their new free membership that s valid through March 31, 2024. Please claim your free membership in order to be an active member of PTEC.
  • I signed up for a free membership but what happened to my previously paid membership?
    Thank you for being a continued member of PTEC. The promotion for free PTEC membership is valid from April 4, 2023 through March 31, 2024. This will allow you to have access to the new PTEC membership as a division of PTCB through the end of March 2024.
  • How do I access the CE that comes with membership?
    PTEC has partnered with CEimpact to offer continuing education (CE) to members. Log into your PTEC Account and navigate to the CE page for a the full instructions to access CE. Please note: You will need to have an active membership in order to access the CE page in your PTEC Account. Claim your membership here.
  • I claimed free membership but did not receive a confirmation email. Did I miss something?
    We are experiencing issues with our automated membership confirmation messages being sent to spam/junk folders. Please check your spam/junk folders for your membership confirmation message. Please add to your contact list to prevent future messages from us being inadvertently redirected to spam/junk folders. Note: If you use your organization, work, or school email for our messaging, you may need to work with your organization's IT team to allow messaging.
  • I received a lifetime membership from PTEC prior to December 2022. Is my lifetime membership still honored by PTEC as a division of PTCB?
    Yes, we are honoring lifetime membership. Your commitment to PTEC has sustained the organization throughout its history. We are excited to be a part of this next chapter with you.
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