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Session 5: Updates from PTCB 

May 5, 2020

You can also view the video here (YouTube link)

Session 4: Open Forum

April 28, 2020

You can also view the video here (YouTube link)

Session 3: Hands on Activities and Lessons with Kari G. 

April 21, 2020

We apologize! There is no recording available. However, please check out the other sessions!

Session 2: Role Play Scenarios with Mark B.

and an update from PTCB. 

April 14, 2020

Supplemental Resource: Creating Effective Scenarios, Case Studies, and Role Plays (University of New Brunswick)

You can also view the video here (YouTube link)

Be sure to read the newsletter mentioned by Ryan Burke, PTCB regarding PTCE testing during COVID-19. Also follow their COVID-19 page for future updates. 

PTEC PTCB and Role Play Scenarios April 14, 2020Mark Brunton
00:00 / 1:11:32

Session 1: Lab Simulations with Keith 

April 7, 2020

You can also view the video here (YouTube link)

PTEC April 7 Lab Simulation Q and A audiKeith Binion, President Elect
00:00 / 1:20:08

​Notes from this Session: 

​Additional note (not mentioned in Lab Simulations Video):

  • MockMeds is also capable of doing customized student lab kits!

    • 100% custom kits, including supplies

    • Drop shipping direct to student’s homes

    • Order/Payment setup options – school or student

      • In addition, they are offering a special service for schools concerned about potential liability (even though all of the drugs are simulated). They can include a return box + pre-paid shipping label, where the students are required to return the products and they will verify compliant inventory returns, in which schools can make returns a prerequisite for the lab grade(s).

    • Since they are the actual manufacturer – instead of a distributor – they are able to offer very low prices.

    • Shipping anywhere in North America.



Contact: Mike

397 N. Sam Houston Parkway E., Suite 300

Houston, TX 77060

Questions and Answers with ASHP! 

Ask Lisa Lifshin your questions about programmatic requirements or updates on adapting during COVID-19. 

Session 2: March 31, 2020

You can also view the video here (YouTube link)

ASHP Q and A March 31 audio onlyLisa Lifshin, ASHP
00:00 / 46:24
Session 1: March 24, 2020

You can also view the video here (YouTube link)

ASHP Q and A March 24 audio onlyLisa Lifshin, ASHP
00:00 / 49:03

A Message From The 

PTEC Board of Directors

After much deliberation, and out of an abundance of concern for the health and safety of our members, the Board of Directors of the Pharmacy Technician Educators Council has determined that we will not host a face-to-face Annual Conference meeting this July.  We are exploring the option of hosting a virtual conference in late July/early August.  We will update you as soon as possible with the date and other pertinent information.  Please keep St. Petersburg on your calendar for July 2021! Thank you for all you do for your students and for technician education.

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