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2021 PTEC Conference Sponsors

Unfortunately, we've had to cancel the CE portion of our 2021 Virtual Conference. However, we still have something great planned! 

We will be hosting a Summer Series where each conference sponsor who was previously registered to speak at the 2021 PTEC Virtual Conference will have the opportunity to present to our members. 

We will meet with each sponsor to record their presentation. We will then publish the recording to our members and website subscribers during our Summer Series. 

Right now, our President Elect, Kari Gibson, is reaching out to each registered sponsor to determine who is interested in participating in this alternative event. 

Note: if you are not interested, please let Kari know via email so that she may work with the treasurer to get a refund issued to you or your organization.

Thank you all for your flexibility and patience. We look forward to seeing you all next year in St. Petersburg, Florida!

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